The Original Sin

There is only one original sin- all others are merely derivative. We like to think that our sin is different from everyone else’s. (We do like trying to be unique!) But in fact there is only one original sin- and that happened long ago in the Garden at the beginning of the human race. It was man wanting to become God. Once that decision was taken, we disobeyed the law of God and partook of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. That was the original and originating sin – all other sin, regardless of the form, the depth, the shape, the profundity, the duration or whatever is merely a reflection of this first act of rebellion. All other sins, whatever they may be, simply participate in this first one and are varied forms of the same reality. Whenever we sin, we are simply trying to become God. It may not look like this, but if we patiently discern what is at the root of our sin, we will acknowledge that, in our lives, we want to replace God. We want to be the Lord and Master. Salvation begins when we open up to God’s grace, realize what we are really doing, and finally give up being our own gods. It is at this point that we begin to taste freedom and begin that process by which we come into fullness of being.

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