“Fixing our Eyes on Jesus”

“Fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith.”  Heb 12:2

It is tempting to think that we can solve the world problem by politics or strategies or power. It is a temptation to think that we can change our culture’s nosedive into the culture of death by having enough votes or political clout or societal influence. It is a subtle temptation. We are led to believe that we can achieve great good by getting control of the process. Tantalizing as this may be, it can never achieve what God wants for us. Above all He wants our surrender to Him and His loving will.

In thinking about this, it is important to state that it is critical to have good laws and godly leaders. When this does not happen, our society decays. Evil laws are enacted and the common good (life, freedom, truth) is destroyed. There are those who are called by God to be deeply involved in the political process, shaping policy, etc. But, for the Christian, that is never an end in itself. There is always something deeper and more real. If we are not careful, we can mistake the means for the end, itself.

As Christians, our first aim is to “fix our eyes on Jesus”.  Nothing, absolutely nothing, can take the place of this.  Our lives, our thought, our hopes, our dreams must be based on Him.  He is our life and our salvation. No political process, no political leader, no specific policies will establish a perfect society as we live in a fallen world. Only Jesus is our life and our salvation. When we substitute these other things (as necessary as some of them may be), we end up falling into a form of idolatry. In the end, such idolatry will destroy us.

Our task, as Christians, is to keep our eyes on Jesus. Regardless of what is happening in our lives or in our society, we need to turn to Him and rely on Him, and Him alone. Not on our machinations, our political intrigues, our sophisticated strategies. We need to reject all that and put our focus on the Lord. Only from this place of trust in God will we be able to act properly in our society. Only then, can we shape it for good.

The early Christians lived in a society that was very hostile to them politically. The government tyrannized them, marginalized them, ridiculed them, insulted them and finally killed them.  But the Christians of that era knew that the truth was only to be found in Jesus. The forces against them were evil and they, as human being, could not control them. But they knew that despite the great evil that was going on around them, Christ was in control. Their hope, their trust, their life was in Him. Yes, they knew they though they might suffer and die, Christ would overcome all. The final word He speaks is resurrection.

We need to keep our focus on Christ who alone is our peace. If we seek any other answer, we will be deceived. All our work, all our efforts must proceed from Him. But we must never trust our work, our strategies, our plans. We must come to the place where our trust is only in Him.


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