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We live in a difficult time, but not one without hope. While our society seems bent on deforming and destroying marriage and family and even human life itself, Christ offers to us another Way. He offers us the Truth about marriage, about family, and about the human person which heals us and sets us free. Thus, the mission of Theology of the Family  is to show that there is faith, hope, and healing both in the family and for the family.

Families can be restored; there is healing for the wounds we so often carry. We may never know exactly what form this might take or how this will be accomplished. But we do know that as we begin opening ourselves to God’s grace and His truth, healing begins. The purpose of Theology of the Family  is to walk together and collaborate with people who want to become more open to God’s truth about the family and His grace for healing.


Our vision is to help people discover the Biblical vision of marriage, thereby opening them to the healing grace of Christ, and providing concrete resources to restore the family.


Our mission is to identify and produce user-friendly materials and resources that will enable people to understand what the Scriptures teach about marriage and family and put it into effect in their own lives.

How can I discover the vision in my own life?

You can discover this Biblical vision by becoming familiar with the teachings in Scripture and begin putting them into practice in your own life. We need to both “know” and “do”. The more open we become to God, the more we experience His grace and healing for our ourselves and our families.

What concrete resources can I use to execute this vision?

The Biblical Vision of the Family, DVD Series: A great place to start with is with the EWTN-produced DVD series entitled Biblical Vision of the Family. This series provides the foundational Biblical teaching on marriage and family in a 13-week DVD format which has an interactive Guidebook. It will show you how God reveals the nature, structure, and meaning of the family through creation and through His covenant with us. Ideal for parishes, men’s & women’s groups, marriage preparation, group of friends or families, and more.

The Biblical Vision of the Family, CD Version: Audio of the DVD series in CD format. This is great for listening to while in the car.

Theology of the Family.com: The communications center for Theology of the Family, this dynamic website provides resources to build a community of people engaged in reclaiming and re-building the family. It provides resources to build a “culture of the family” that include a weekly blog that focuses on family issues through the lens of Scripture; dedicated sections on men/fatherhood; women/ motherhood/ childrearing and developing the culture of the family (films, books, art, music, etc.)

Book (CUA Press): This is a resource book for anyone interested in examining the Biblical and theological foundations of the family. It provides a clear academic analysis of the Scriptures relating to family and the theology that develops from them. It is ideal for leaders, academics, and students interested in the nature, structure, and meaning of the family

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“There is hope, healing, and freedom in the family.”

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