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DVD Series | Theology of the Family Theology of the Family

DVD Series

The central component of this dynamic seminar is the DVD series entitled “Biblical Vision of the Family: The Domestic Church.” There are 13 sessions in the series, recorded at the EWTN television studios and originally broadcast for a worldwide audience via the network in half-hour weekly installments. The series has been subsequently re-aired several times, and is now available in both DVD and CD format. All 13 sessions in the series feature Dr. Joseph Atkinson teaching on the nature and purpose of the family and how it fits into God’s plan.

Content of DVDs

Each of the 13 sessions deals with an essential part of marriage and the family. Topics include marriage in creation, the role of fatherhood and motherhood, education and ritual in the home, the Domestic Church in the writings of the Early Church Fathers and in the Second Vatican Council.

Each topic is broken down into its component parts, and the Biblical and theological foundations for each theme are developed. The DVD can be viewed with or without captions, and key Biblical verses are shown on the screen. As participants have said, the material is both accessible and scholarly — theology for both beginners and teachers, presented in a way that can be readily appropriated by the average participant. No prior knowledge of Scripture or theology is presupposed.


  1. By What Vision
    “Without a vision, the people perish.” Whose vision are we following: our society’s or God’s? The answer to this question is central to how we live. The challenge is laid out carefully in Session 1.
  2. Structure of Creation
    Creation is not arbitrary. We cannot create ourselves. God has given the world a specific structure and created man and woman with a specific nature which is explored in this session.
  3. How Men and Women Relate
    Do we make up how men and women relate as we go along? Does society set the rules? In this session we discover the wondrous mystery of how God intends men and women to relate and bring life to themselves and to the world.
  4. Fractured Creation
    This session examines the nature of sin and how it intrudes into the different facets of our lives. If we are ever to be lifted out of our brokenness and sin, we all must face the reality that we are fallen.
  5. Father Abraham
    The New Testament says that he is the “father of us all.” Here we explore the life and family of Abraham to show what principles are critically important for a family of faith.
  6. Family and the Covenant
    Who does the Bible say we are? In the Old Testament, there is no covenant without the family! This session explores the Biblical vision of the person and of the family and how we are profoundly bound to one another.
  7. Father-led Rituals
    One of the greatest needs in restoring the family is for men to discover afresh their God-given roles as fathers. Here we explore what God is calling men to be in their homes.
  8. Woman and Her Covenantal Role
    What is the real dignity of women? It is not what the world suggests. In Session 8 we explore the giftedness of women, recognizing that the home depends on the qualities which only a woman can bring.
  9. Family as Carrier of the Covenant
    This session looks at how the family is an instrument of God’s covenant. In the Old Testament, without the family there is no covenant. Through the family, its structures, its rituals, its activities, the grace of God, is passed on to each generation. Are we willing to follow God’s plan for our lives?
  10. Jesus and the Family
    Jesus enables men and women, marriage and family to become what they were meant to be. Here we examine the teachings of Jesus, showing how His grace transforms the family.
  11. Baptism and the Family
    Do you know what baptism does to you? In this session we will examine the very nature of baptism and the powerful effect it has on the family.
  12. The Early Church Fathers and JPII on the Domestic Church
    Explore with us what the Early Church Fathers taught about the family. Augustine saw the family as a domestic church and the father playing a bishop-like role. Chrysostom believed that reading Scripture was at the heart of every Christian home.
  13. Healing and the Vocation of the Family
    All families experience brokenness and wounds. How can we look to God and begin the healing process? This final session examines the means God gives us to bring healing into our marriages and families.

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