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Introduction | Theology of the Family Theology of the Family


An introduction to the series, what inspired us to create it, and its purpose.

Where We Are

The family is the primary cell of society and, surprisingly, it is also the primary cell of the Church. In fact, the baptized family participates in the very life of the Church and is a concrete expression of the Church. It is in fact the domestic church.
The strength, the health, and the vitality of any society and of the Church are based on the health of the family. In the family, we come into being, grow in our identity, and give life to others in numerous ways. Through the family, the faith is taught and the daily experience of grace is lived out. Husbands and wives are to be expressions of the love of Christ for the Church (Eph 5:32).

The Problem

But today the family is deeply fractured. First, the purpose, meaning, and very definition of family are being seriously challenged and distorted in the modern era. In essence, we as a society today have lost the Judeo-Christian vision of what a family is. Second, there are many problems and wounds that often go untreated in families, making it difficult to live out the mission and vision of the family — even when it is grasped. The great need today is for families to hear the truth about marriage and family and to experience God’s healing grace.

“The greatest need in the modern world is to recover the Biblical vision of marriage & family.”

Recovering the Biblical Vision of the Family

This seminar is designed to open people to God’s healing grace. As the truth about God’s design for the family and marriage is encountered, healing begins to take place. This 13-part seminar clearly presents the basic truths about marriage and family, their structure and meaning, and their essential role in God’s plan of salvation. These teachings will help people grasp that their family is indeed a domestic church — that is, the life of Jesus is lived out in their own midst. People who attend the seminar will discover:

  • The nature and purpose ofthe family
  • ItsGod-given structure
  • How each family vitally participatesinGod’s plan ofsalvation.

The seminar is designed to help participants become responsible for the gift and calling that God gives to each baptized family, as well as helping them apply what they learn to their own lives.

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